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BlueWorks is a team of qualified and experienced subject matter experts, motivated to deliver successful compliance programmes from inception to completion.

Working with and within your organization, BlueWorks will develop all the documentation and artefacts required to demonstrate compliance with your target standards and regulations. We will also advise and work with you to determine the right targets.

If you're interested in how we might work together, we offer all potential clients a free consultation to ensure we're the right fit.

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Examples of our work...

Compliant Bid Preparation

BlueWorks staff joined a team bidding to supply a flying service requiring air systems (aircraft and remotely piloted air systems) to be on the UK Military Aircraft Register. This required the production of Equipment Safety Assessments (ESAs), Air System Safety Cases (ASSCs), an Air Safety Management System (ASMS), a Human Factors Integration (HFI) Plan, and accompanying bid documentation. Taking a broader view, we were also instrumental in developing job specifications and competence management, and considering Commercial aspects.

Safety and Environmental Compliance

For Air and Land domain projects, BlueWorks has developed compliant Safety and Environmental Assessments and Management Systems in accordance with Defence Safety Authority (DSA) Regulations, Joint Service Publications (JSPs), Defence Standards (Def Stans) and the Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Acquisition Safety and Environmental Management System (ASEMS). BlueWorks now manage the in-service Safety Assessments on behalf of the customer, ensuring enduring compliance.

Military Aircraft Registration

BlueWorks worked within a customer team delivering 3 new aircraft types to the UK Military Aircraft Register. Building on civil certification, and working with the foreign aircraft OEMs, BlueWorks delivered the necessary military certification collateral and worked closely with the MOD to ensure that military registration was achieved on schedule. BlueWorks are now the custodians of the Air Systems' Equipment Safety Assessments and continue to represent the customer at MOD meetings.

Aviation Data Analysis

BlueWorks, in partnership with SPP Research, applied aviation expertise to develop a rapid, secure, cloud-based Flight Data Analysis tool to be used in Integrity Management, delivering reports which support a risk-based approach. The system also provides Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Mission Replay functionality.

Safety Critical Compliance

A client needed to retrospectively demonstrate DO-254 and DO-178 compliance, to various Design Assurance Levels (DALs), for components and systems within Mil Std 882 products that were ready for delivery. Working against a tight schedule, BlueWorks produced the documentation necessary for the client to satisfy the Certifying Authority and the end-user. PHACs and SHACs

Military Aviation Regulation Compliance

BlueWorks staff joined a team prior to Contract Award as an Aircraft Service Provider requiring 3 new air systems to be on the UK Military Aircraft Register. This initially involved working in the Commercial environment to negotiate compliance criteria for the certification and airworthiness deliverables. After Contract Award, this required the production of Equipment Safety Assessments Reports (ESARs), Release to Service Recommendations (RTSRs) and collating data into Certification Compliance Reports to support the Type Airworthiness Authority’s (TAA’s) Type Certification Exposition (TCE). This included compliance analysis against Def Stans 00-970 and 59-411, as well as MAA Regulatory Publications. Defence Standards. BlueWorks is now involved in ongoing Equipment Safety Assessment maintenance and Integrity Management.

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