At its simplest, the We-Reader is a book club in the cloud…but with the author in the room. Share thoughts with other readers on the same page in the same book, at any time. A community of readers can be created from within the app, and comments shared with only those in your community. You can belong to many communities and choose to read and/or write to each.

The author can see all the comments that are made and can respond, if they wish. If your community is debating a particular topic within the book, the author may provide clarification, comment or further questions for you to consider. This allows a two-way dialogue, helping both authors and readers to be in touch.

As well as supporting the technical end of the publication, the publisher supports the writer in managing community comments and has an ongoing responsibility to the author and readership, improving the experience for all.

This collaborative approach to publishing is also deliberately generous to authors, without whom the books would never exist. As a digital publisher, BlueWorks Ltd offers authors a far higher revenue share than a traditional publisher, and will leave ownership of the content with its creator – we don’t buy your rights, they’re always yours.

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Instructions for We-Reader

Instructions for our We-Reader Apps

  1. After showing the cover, the app opens in the book.  It will open to the page you were last reading.
  2. Text is re-sized for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch, but the pages remain the same, so scroll down to read each page.  The text can be made larger or smaller to make it readable for your.
  3. Change page using the left (BACK) and right (NEXT) arrows.  
  4. You can also change page through the index.  This is accessed using the index button on the iPhone/iPod Touchwe-reader-index  On the iPad, the index can be accessed by rotating to landscape or by pressing the More button on the top bar.  Find the page you want by scrolling through the index, and then press it to go to that page.
  5. To make notes, press the Journal button.  This is the we-reader-take notes symbol on the top bar of the iPhone/iPod Touch.  You can add new entries, review your entries by tapping them, or edit the order of entries in your journal (hit the Edit button and drag the entries into your preferred order, then hit Done.)
  6. To share your thoughts, hit the Community button.  This is the we-reader-community symbol on the top bar of the iPhone/iPod Touch.  If you are not logged in, you will be prompting to do so.
  7. You must first create an account which is unique to each app/book.  Press Actions and select Log In or Create Account, then “Create New Account”.  Select a Username of 8 characters or more, add your e-mail address and password, then hit submit.  If you have submitted matching valid e-mail addresses, matching passwords and an untaken Username, and have a connection to the server, then your account will be created.
  8. You can now log in.   You are automatically a member of the Common Community, where comments can be read by all users.  If you wish to create a smaller Community to share comments amongst just that group, you can create this by hitting the Create button.
  9. Enter the e-mail addresses of those you wish to invite. Note that they MUST use this e-mail address when they create their accounts or they will not be granted access to the Community.  When you have added all the members, hit Done.  You must have a connection with the server at this time for the Community to be created.  Now invite your friends!
  10. To share your thoughts with specific groups, you can select to read or write to each community by selecting it from the Community list and moving the “Read entries:” and “Write entries:” switches to on or off.  If you are the organiser or creator of the Community, you can also select Edit Members in the top bar to add or remove members.  To remove members, press Edit and hit the delete symbol against the appropriate member.  Hit Done to save changes.
  11. Comments will be saved for the page on which you make them.  This is intended to provoke debate about a particular aspect of the book.  If you have comments about the book as a whole, we suggest you post them on Page 1.  Remember, part of the We-Reader deal is writer involvement, so they see all the comments and can reply, whether that is into the Common Community or an individual Community.