We Love Books

We want to make it clear: WE LOVE BOOKS!
We love the feel of books, the smell of books, the satisfaction of closing a freshly-finished book. We love sharing books, recommending books and taking people’s recommendations. But there are things that paper can’t do.
There are undoubted paper innovators. Lauren Child’s ‘Slightly Invisible’ brilliantly subverts traditional print by making Lola’s imaginary friend from a gloss finish on the page. Rachel Walch’s explanation of a Kindle to Charles Dickens  is an incredibly imaginative and brilliantly executed concept, holding 40 tiny publications in one binder, but it shows the limitations of physical print. Digital publications don’t have the same limitations.

When, and only when, a story benefits from reader interaction, or video, or animation, we want it to be there.  If a book is explaining a complex topic and a video walk through would help, we want it to be there.  If the right time to do some self-assessment is while you’re engrossed in the book, we want it to be there.  If the ability to share facts, thoughts and comments with other readers while you’re reading will enhance a book, we want it to be there. And paper can’t do this.

Sorry paper…apps can!